My Services

I am a practicing shaman of the traditional (archaic) variety, with a  modern flare. While I have studied directly under a couple specific cultural lineages of shamanic cosmology and continue to educate myself about various shamanic cultures and practices, my foundation is Core Shamanism. I offer soul-centered and intuition-driven services to assist people with their healing and process of the Spirit, Soul, and/or physical body. Descriptions of specific services can be found by clicking on the service, and unless otherwise noted all services are offered both in-person and in distance. I am offering these descriptions for those who may not be as familiar with what a shaman does (or can do), but it’s not necessary for you to pick from this list. Most of these services aren’t done in an à la carte fashion, but rather unfold in an organic and dynamic way during a session. It’s always my honor to be trusted with your vulnerability and your healing.

Shamanic Offerings


Death and Dying Service

  • Death Doula
  • Ancestral Bridging
  • Professional Keening/Grief Facilitation
  • Facilitated Legacy/Life Journaling & Storying