My Specialties

Please note that I am not a licensed professional counselor, I am not a psychologist, and I am not a medical doctor (psychiatrist). While I do have a Master’s degree from a public university and have many years of professional experience as a social worker, I am not licensed in any professional capacity. I am a practicing shaman from an animistic spiritual tradition, and all my services represented here are offered from a distinctly shamanic understanding. You are merely getting the benefit of my formal education and professional experiences, as they inform my shamanic practice, but I have no intention of representing myself as anything but a shaman. Please understand that shamanic healing/treatment is never a replacement for medical consultation or medical treatments, including medications. You are advised to follow the directions of your physicians, psychotherapists, and other treatment team members, and to consult your doctors before making any changes to your medications. I neither support or discourage the use of psychotropic or other pharmaceutical treatments. That decision is yours and yours alone, and should be made in consultation with your doctors.

This list is not comprehensive and especially not exclusive. It merely represents the things I have exceptional experience with. Much of it I have experienced in my life path personally, either directly or indirectly. As I continue in practice I continue to learn, so please feel free to reach out even if you don’t identify with anything on this list specifically. The items in purple are clickable and will pop-up additional descriptions.

Mental Health Diagnoses 


Autism & Neurodivergence

Spiritual Emergency/Crisis 

Combat PTSD/TBI 

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

Children’s Behavioral Issues


Autoimmune Disorders

Terminal Illness


Infant Health Crisis


‘Paranormal’ phenomena

Psychic Crisis/Parapsychology