Private Sessions

I offer individual sessions in person, or via electronic means. I prefer Zoom, but I am also willing to use phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. I charge for my time, so what we do in that time can vary depending on your needs and the spiritual leading I receive in how to best assist you. Our time might include any one, or most likely a combination of several of the services listed on my services page.

Please know that from the moment you contact me my attention is turned towards you and I begin working for you before we even have our first session. So there is a lot of energy, time, and shamanic resource I put into assisting you beyond the time we spend in session. Also please know that my goal is NOT to maintain your dependence on my services, but to see you reach resolution, wholeness, and healing as quickly as possible. I have absolutely seen miracles, and have seen enduring healing occur in a single session, but this is not the norm, as most people who do contact me have been dealing with symptoms for a very long time and have tried numerous other modalities to little or no avail.

My rates are generally based on a 60 minute session. But I also do events and facilitate workshops, circles, and ceremonies, and so rates will vary depending on what is needed. I do have a flat hourly rate for individual sessions, and this will also depend on whether the session is in-person or distance. Please contact me at or through my Facebook Page to discuss current rates and to schedule a brief phone conversation to identify if working together would be fruitful.

If you would like to book an in-person individual session with me, please feel free to have present whomever you wish to have with you in support of your healing. The more community comes around you in support of your healing, the better it is for all, as healing is contagious and everyone present receives some healing. Please review my Informed Consent, as I will require you to sign this prior to our session.

If you book a distance session please note that I do not record the sessions for you and do NOT authorize a recording of the sessions. In certain circumstances I may provide you photographic evidence of our session for your review, but we will have discussed this beforehand.

Also please note that prior to agreeing to provide any specific services I will need to do a spiritual assessment on the appropriateness of the service you are asking for. Sometimes what we think we need is not truly what we need, and sometimes timing and other factors hinder my ability to perform a specific service for you.


Confidentiality is something I place in high value and hold in complete integrity. I do not share about specific details or compromise the confidentiality of my clients. Occasionally I do have reason to discuss specific aspects of my work with peers or mentors, in the context of shamanic practice, but this is always for purposes of learning and improving my practice, and I do not offer any identifying information in such cases. This is similar to what social workers and therapists do when they ‘case staff’ about difficult situations, are trying to problem-solve on behalf of a client, or ensure their practice is sound.

There are times when I have companions (what some would call “apprentices”), who are sitting with me to learn shamanic skills or practice. These companions are actually very helpful to me in my practice, and can also be very helpful to you, as essentially you can benefit from ‘getting two for one.’ Sometimes these companions are also present during distance sessions. I will ask your permission prior to inviting a shamanic learner to be in your session, and I respect your decision completely if you don’t feel comfortable having a learner present.

There are also times when I am in circle with other shamans and we are doing healing work together in community. In those instances we offer to the community the names, locations, and general symptoms or problem of people who want to be healed. The benefit of this is having 40+ shamans offering distance healing/prayer for you. One of the foundational ethical considerations of shamanic practice is that we do not do any kind of shamanic work (healing or otherwise) without the person’s permission. So I will never offer your name or details about you to a shamanic circle with intention of doing shamanic work for you without your permission first.