Group Sessions

I offer myself in service to groups. This can take many forms, and can include SoulCollage® facilitation, shamanic journeying circles, teaching circles, community healing circles, ceremonial circles, improvisational play, dream groups, team or community building, sacred drum making, and much more. There are times when an individual healing spontaneously manifests within a group setting.

All my community work is either coordinated by me and usually offered in service for little or no fee (above costs), or if commissioned, I can negotiate a fee that honors my experience and work, but is also reasonable for your budget.

I am also available to facilitate, co-facilitate, and/or spotlight in healing retreats, workshops, seminars, and other group gatherings.

If you’re interested in talking with me about how I may be of service to your group or community, please email me at


You can view a note about how I treat confidentiality with individuals, as that absolutely applies to individuals within the community setting as well. However, I want to add an additional note here, exclusively for group settings. It’s important to maintain your own integrity by never breaking another group member’s confidentiality. When we gather together in community we are creating a sacred vessel- made up of people with diverse experiences, offerings, woundings, and healings. The group as a dynamic expression of Spirit is itself a medicine- the likes of which will never be again, as the ebb and flow will create an entirely different group, even if the same people are present to gather a second time. We need to keep this a sacred vessel, hermetically sealed. I know it is difficult to refrain from sharing details outside of the group, particularly when something exciting or wonder-full has occurred. But it’s important to contain that energy and protect it for everyone’s sake. So, what happens in the circle stays in the circle.